Solvin / IPCA Laboratories Project Cough and cold solution. Cough, dry and wet. Solvin - the answer. Cough and cold - we'll face you together. Whatever the kind of cough and cold, there is the Solvin family - to the rescue. The

Even villains can have families, right? Ask Charles Manson. :) On second thoughts, don’t.
The point is, mischief-mongers like cough and cold work like a family. They stay together, stick together (even literally). Harass together. Hmph.

cough and cold solution campaign
cough cold medicine branding

And there are (un)welcome additions to the cough and cold family, too: Fever. Allergies. Nasties. Can’t imagine a family photograph :)

Ironically, what this family affects is also - another family. Kids, adults, young, elderly, males, females, rich, poor - cough and cold attack everyone. Every. Single. One. An alien invasion might be kinder.

BrandCare thought - Why not position the Solvin range of products as the Solvin family?

After all, Solvin has a fitting reply to every member of the Manson, sorry... cough and cold family. Dry cough. Wet cough. Fever. Allergies. Bring it on!

cough medicine branding
cough cold medicine communication

This idea positioned Solvin as the most complete cough and cold portfolio - across conditions and patient profiles.

A key differentiator as compared to other players in the category. Long live La familia!

cough cold medicine communication
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