Infexn Laboratories Project Creating marketing material for a lab specialising in infection testing which is a substantial expression of their brand and a crucial part of the marketing plan. Testing

God, they say, is in the minutest of details. So is infection testing. Take a closer look at a whole new world of infection through the microscope.

It has colour.
It has pattern.
It’s science. It’s art.

It’s not very easy to say - our panels allow simultaneous testing for various organisms in a single specimen. Or that we make quick and accurate identification of infectious pathogens possible or that we perform very complex but highly sensitive and specific assays - and yet look beautiful. It needs a deep understanding of science behind client’s offerings. We always rely on science for our inspiration.

Pathogens are
deadly. But on an agar
canvas, they can be
quite the artist.

Creating infection art

starts by looking at infections closely to see the patterns, shapes, colours that are created by pathogens on a testing medium. The patterns that pathogens themselves show under any microscope. Believe us, it’s a whole new world - as colourful and as fascinating as an underwater dive.

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