Branding science
is what we do best

our experience

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We remain invested in people,
processes and platforms

Domain Expertise

Writers, thinkers, programmers, musicians, painters, doctors, marketers come together in our teams to create campaigns that talk science that looks like art.

Digging Data

To us it’s deeply satisfying to find that little science insight hidden deep within p values and n values that can change the flavour of communication.

Respect for Ethics

Communication to healthcare audiences is regulated by ethics for the right reasons. We respect that and are committed to it.

Responsible Advertising

Advertising called by any name and to any audience is fun and satisfying only when we know that it is responsible for bettering lives.

Proprietary Tools


As digital becomes the new norm in how we do business, it becomes essential that we look at this environment for now and the future. BDeliver is a safe environment for data transfer.

BDeliver is a file transfer portal. It's the simplest way to transfer files to your unique user account privately, in a secure way.


A proprietary, customised work management software that manages all steps from briefing to billing. Individual staff log-ins allow collaboration on every project. Elaborate analytics aid in monitoring time and cost.


A gated online networking community for doctors which allows them to learn, share, discuss, post and earn honorarium for their professional opinions. Doctors, medical students, KOLs from different specialties can have access to Docintosh as individual doctors or as members of medical associations.

Pharma and healthcare marketers are using this platform for knowledge distribution, sponsoring medical resources, surveys and for running paid ads.

Our Work Space

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