Lord Bappa’s Social Media Dominance & Influence

Lord Bappa’s Social Media Dominance & Influence

How Bappa is the biggest influencer of all  

More than 15 million posts with hash tags of bappa only on instagram. Lord Ganesha is giving it tough to Taylor Swift. It’s not surprising then, that he is the brand ambassador to so many brands. With his elephant-sized charisma, a trunk that seems custom-made for selfies and that super cute twinkle in his eye, Ganesha is giving mere mortals a run for their hashtags.  

Look at his all-rounded personality that makes him a compelling brand ambassador for various products and services.  

Symbol of Wisdom and Intellect : Synonymous with wisdom, intellect, and knowledge make Lord Ganesha a perfect brand ambassador for educational institutions, publishing houses, and technology companies. His association with learning and intelligence can lend credibility and trust to these brands.  

Representation of Prosperity and Abundance : Revered as the God of abundance, brands related to finance, wealth management, real estate, and jewellery have sought his help many times. From influencing their logo designs and names, he blesses their facades and interiors with designs inspired from the curves of his forehead and trunk.  

Remover of Obstacles :  Brands offering solutions related to problem-solving, innovation, health and fitness have invoked Lord Ganesha as their ambassador to signify overcoming challenges and achieving success. 

Upholder of Cultural Heritage : Lord Ganesha is deeply ingrained in culture and tradition. Brands aiming to emphasize heritage, tradition, and cultural values align with Ganesha’s image to resonate with consumers who value their roots and tradition. He has sold many a goods in arts and crafts emporiums, sweets and agarbattis.  

Universal Appeal : Ganesha’s universal appeal transcends religious and geographical boundaries. Brands seeking to target a diverse and global audience use Ganesha as a symbol of inclusivity, unity, and acceptance. 

Kid friendly : With a mouse for a ride, it’s not unusual that 8-year-old Ashu found a friend in the mouse and ‘My friend Ganesha’ became a friend to thousands of children.   

Icon of Creativity and Artistic Expression : Ganesha’s depiction in various art forms and creative expressions make him an ideal brand ambassador for art supplies, galleries, creative workshops, and cultural events.  

Promoter of Environmental Conservation : The elephant, which is a significant part of Ganesha’s form, symbolizes environmental conservation and protection. Brands advocating for eco-friendly practices, wildlife conservation, or sustainable products align with Ganesha’s image to promote a green and sustainable message. 

Influencers must try very hard to keep their content trendy and relevant. Bappa’s content is, however, uniquely crowd sourced. His timeless relevance, rich symbolism, inclusivity, and multi-dimensional appeal is undying; his followers will ensure that his content stays trending. Forever.  

Bappa Morya! 


Rashmi Thosar
Founder, CEO, Brandcare 



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